Webmaster’s editorial

Pierre Jahan - JahanDesignOn the Web, the space-time continuum is significantly faster, websites age faster than us, and probably as fast as our bikes, that’s for sure! In short, a simple coat of paint was definitely not enough!

And yet, the UCC has been one of the first sports event players to realize that communicate, inform, entertain, unite, had to go through the essential digital tool, the respectable age of its first websites can testify.

However a small structure, agile and responsive as it is, cannot ensure by itself all aspects of this increasingly rich and complex media.

It was high time to take the next step, more modern and professional, and I’m proud to bring my small stone to one of the historical and compelling brands in the MTB world!

The project is daunting: to bring together under one portal the constellation of existing websites, to maintain unity while preserving each event character, to offer a simple and intuitive navigation, with a fully “responsive” design, direct access to registrations/results, to offer more interactivity via social networks, more pictures, to animate and internationalize the whole thing…

Well, given such a work, don’t imagine having stuff completed 100% by early January 2015! Essentials are there. It is a living project that will evolve and expand in the future. And by the way just let us know your comments and/or ideas, we will make good use of them 😉

Good surfing and above all, good rides !

– Pierre (alias “Bourriquet”)