Ax 3 Domaines 9-10 september 2023

The Mass Start enduro MTB racing series that takes you riding with friends in the most beautiful European stations !


Maxiavalanche can be defined as a “shorter” Mégavalanche. It’s a Marathon Downhill with Mass Start, taking place on a 1000 / 1500m drop descent in some of the greatest Bike Park in Europe.
Friday and saturday morning are dedicated for free pratice, fallowed by the qualifying run on saturday afternoon to get your position on your starting group of sunday according to your riding level. Two race runs on sunday gives the ranking for the stage.



9:00 am – 18.30 pm : Welcome of the competitors, technical and administrative control (Race Office, at Ax lift station)

Official practices:

    • Gondola Ax-Bonascre : 9:30 am – 12:30 / 1:45 pm – 5:30 pm
    • Lift Bonascre – Start : 10:00 am – 5:00 pm


Qualifications and positioning race

8:30 am – 12:30 am : Welcome of the comptetitors, technical and administrative control (Race Office, at Ax lift station)
9:00 am – 12:00 : Official practices – Frame plates mandatory

Placing of the competitors on the starting lines 30 minutes before starts.

2:00 pm : Start of the 1st seeding race from N° 1 to 70
2:20pm : Start of the 2nd seeding race N° 101 to 170
2:40pm : Start of the 3rd seeding race  N°201 to 270
3:00pm : Start of the 4th seeding race N° 301 to 370
3:20pm : Start of the E-Bike seeding race N° 401 to 430

5:30pm : Attribution of the starting line letters stickers (Race Office, take an ID Card)

6:00pm : Aperitif


8:00am to 8:30am : Welcome of the ONE DAY competitors

From 8:00 am : Boarding by line letter (separated timing) Gondola Ax-les-Thermes

    • 8:00 : A B C (Europe Cup)
    • 8:10: D E (Europe Cup + EBIKE)
    • 8:20 : F G H  (Challenger)
    • 8:30 : I J K (Challenger)
    • 8:40 : L M N (Amateurs)
    • 8:50 : O P Q (Amateurs)

9:30am : Placing of the riders on the starting lines
10:00 am : Start of the 1st round MAXIAVALANCHE® EUROP CUP
10:10 am : Start of the 1st round MAXIAVALANCHE® E-Bike
10:20 am : Start of the 1st round MAXIAVALANCHE® CHALLENGERS and LADIES
10:40 am : Start of the 1st round MAXIAVALANCHE® AMATEURS
10:45 am : Start of the 1st round MAXI KID
12:30 am : Start of the 2nd round MAXI KID

From 11:30 am : Boarding by line letters (separated timing) Gondola Ax-les-Thermes

    • 11:30 am : A B C (Europe Cup)
    • 11:40 am : D E (Europe Cup)
    • 11:50 am : F G H  (Challenger)
    • 12:00 : I J K (Challenger)
    • 12:10 : L M N (Amateurs)
    • 12:20 : O P Q (Amateurs)

12:30 Placement of the riders on the starting lines
1:00 pm : Start of the 2nd round MAXIAVALANCHE® EUROP CUP
1:10 pm : Start of the 2nd round MAXIAVALANCHE® E-Bike
1:20 pm : Start of the 2nd round MAXIAVALANCHE® CHALLENGERS and LADIES
1:40 pm : Start of the 2nd round MAXIAVALANCHE® AMATEURS

3:00 pm : Results and official ceremony

My registration

The stage gift for the 100 1st registered riders
Two race days
The liftpass for saturday and sunday
Live timing
Desposable timing chip (no more deposit)
Frame and back number
Apero party saturday evening
Prize money and rewards for the winners
Rescue services


From 60€


from 40€



Liftpass friday : +15€ (thursday + friday 25€)
Multisport insurance: 7€/ day
Cancelation insurance:  +11.5% of the total  (See conditions)


The MAXI Ax 3 Domaines classic, but boosted !

Enjoy 100% of one of the most beautiful European stations riding your VTTAE! Same program as the “muscular ones”, with departures and a category apart. Meet at the Saquet Summit on Saturday for the qualifications up to Ax les Thermes, and take the same departure on Sunday morning for a pure downhill mountain biking and gentle recovery thanks to your assistance 😉

Mega Kid

For the 7 – 14 years old

Mass Start race by age category on sunday

10:45 am : Start of the 1st round MEGA KID
12:30 pm : Start of the 2nd round MEGA KID

Partenaires Institutionnels


 Partenaires Médias