23-24th september 2023

La Transvésubienne

Objectif FINISHER !

1988 marks the first edition of this event which is nowadays a reference. A MTB race connecting la Colmiane to Nice on a super technical and physical trail which, at that time, was nearly impossible considering the existing biking gear of those years.
Nowadays, reaching the 80km of the race is still a real challenge and rigorous training is needed in order to become a finisher.




4.30 pm – 7 pm: Collection of plates – CHULLANKA ANTIBES shop
(Attention, the shop is not responsible for the collection of the plates and we will only be there at these times, no need to go at other times)


16:00 : Departure of the Nice – la Colmiane shuttle (on reservation 23€, loading at 15:30, free parking, Lauvette stadium)

16.00 – 18.45: Collection of the Transvésubienne and TRANSV 50 plates – La Colmiane


Transvesubienne – La Colmiane – Nice

5.30am : loading of the shuttle bus Nice – La Colmiane – departure 6.00am (Stade de la Lauvette), estimated arrival 8.00am (on reservation 23€ at the registration)

7:00 am – 8:00 am : Marking and deposit of VTTAE batteries – Loisibike stand
8:00 am : VTTAE grid
8.30am : Start of the e-TRANSVESUBIENNE by Loisibike

8.30 am : Compulsory presence in the closed park – Grid start
8.45 am : Start of the TRANSVESUBIENNE

Transvésubienne 50km and RANDO Vesubienne – Col de Turini – Nice

7.00 am : Loading of the Nice – Turini – departure 7.30 am (Stade de la Lauvette), estimated arrival 8.30 am (on reservation 23€ at the registration)
9.00am – 9.40am: TRANSV Light plate handover – Col de Turini
9.45am – Transv Light: Compulsory presence in the closed park – Setting in grid
10.15 am : Start of the TRANSV 50km
10.20 am: Start of the Rando Vésubienne

12.30 pm : First estimated arrivals in Nice (Stade de la Lauvette)
From 2pm: Official ceremony
18h30 : End of the timing


To each his own!

Transvésubienne : 80km +2700m -4000m

La Colmiane – Nice

ONLY THE BRAVE : go on an extreme adventure on the most beautiful trails of the Nice hinterland, from La Colmiane to Nice where a good hot meal and a good organic Comté beer will be waiting for you !
Deux Caïres, Granges de la Brasque, Lantosque, Turini, Col de Porte, Coaraze and an exceptional finale with a sea view at Mont Macaron to earn your TRANSVESUBIAN FINISHER medal!


Categories EBIKES :

  • Category E-Bike 620 (2 batteries of 620Wh) :
    – 1st battery Colmiane – Forêt de la Bollène : 35km +1500 -1900m
    – 2nd battery Forêt de la Bollène – Arrival: 45km +1200m -1100m
  • Category E-Bike 1500 :
  •  3 batteries of 500Wh
    – 1st battery Colmiane Lantosque : 30km +800m -1800m
    – 2nd battery Lantosque – Peira Cava : 15km +1200m -200m
    – 3rd battery Peira Cava – Arrival: 33km +700m -1000m
  • 2 batteries of 750Wh
    – 1st battery Colmiane – Forêt de la Bollène: 35km +1500 -1900m
    – 2nd battery Forêt de la Bollène – Colmiane: 45km +1200m -1100m
  • Category E-Bike Light (60 Nm max, extenders allowed in free management)

TRANSV 50: 46km / +1050m / -2400m

Col de Turini – Nice

Enjoy a unique and beautiful day of racing on Sunday with a start at the famous Col de Turini!
Open to MTB and EBIKES (free and autonomous battery management)

Rando Vésubienne

The TRANSV 50 in rando format, without ranking! Make the most of the Transvésubienne adventure, by MTB or EBIKES with the batteries you want ! Beware of high technical level, and time barriers to respect.

Ranking in DUO!

Together we go further!

Registration in teams of two!

Together we are stronger! Stay together until the finish line and try to win as a pair. You will have to help each other because only the time of the last person to cross the line counts for the team, plus the “solidarity gap” between the first and the last team member if the team does not cross the finish line together. This calculation formula will encourage duos to stay together until the finish line, for better or for worse 😉 Each rider registered as a duo will also be ranked individually in the general classification.
Open in the EBIKE category as well.

The registration includes :

Participation in the race
Live timing with intermediate times
Time chip without deposit
The meal at the finish on Sunday
The gift
Frame plate, race number and finisher medal
Access to the technical assistance posts on the course
Prize money and prizes for the overall and category winners
The first aid kit
Hot showers at the finish

Please note that there will be no bike washing at the finish


Cancellation insurance: +11.5% of the total amount (see conditions)
Multisport insurance: 7€/d
Meal on Sunday : 19€ for the guide
Battery rental: via


From Nice :

  • SATURDAY meeting 3.30 pm Nice – La Colmiane
  • GO SUNDAY meeting 5.30am Nice – La Colmiane

GO SUNDAY meeting 7.00 am Nice – Turini

Bag locker:

A baggage locker is at your disposal. Leave your luggage with the organisation at the entrance to the gate (8 kg maximum, backpack type). Note your number on the bag beforehand.
E-Bike: hand in your charged and marked spare battery to the UCC Staff 40 minutes before the start time

Mandatory equipment

a helmet
a mobile phone
the Transvesubian guide (distributed with your plate)
a food reserve
water supply – 1.5 l minimum
a survival blanket
a whistle
a windbreaker
number plate complete with card flap and chip number
headlamp for the tunnel

Time gates

For your safety, time gates are set beyond which the competitor is not allowed to continue the race (including for the “rando vésubienne” formula). After the time limit, the plate will be locked and a discharge will be filled in.

Timetable 2023 to be confirmed


Résultats dimanche 15 mai

Ultra Trans : Ultra Trans 16
Ultra Trans VAE E-Bike serie by Moustache : UltraTrans VAE 16
(Temps intermédiaires du Dimanche : UltraTrans VAE Dimanche 16)
Ultra Trans par Equipe : UltraTrans Equipe 16

Trans 50 : Trans 50 16
Trans 50 VAE : Trans 50 VAE 16

Résultats samedi 14 mai

TransEnduro : TransEnduro 16
Dame : Dames Transv16
E-Bike serie by Moustache : E-bike Transv16
Scratch : Scratch Transv16



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