La Colmiane – NICE – 30th & 31st of may 2020


La Transvésubienne

Only the Brave !

1988 marks the first edition of this event which is nowadays a reference. A MTB race connecting la Colmiane to Nice on a super technical and physical trail which, at that time, was nearly impossible considering the existing biking gear of those years.
Nowadays, reaching the 80km of the race is still a real challenge and rigorous training is needed in order to become a finisher.

From the mountains
to the sea


16h30 – 19h : frame plate withdrawal CHULLANKA ANTIBES 

Saturday – Prologue: La Colmiane – Saint Martin Vésubie

08h : Departure of the shuttle Nice (Vauban Stadium) – la Colmiane (on reservation 20€, loading at 7h30)
10h – 12h30 : frame plate withdrawal and e-bike technical controls – la Colmiane 
10h – 13h : Free practice of the course
10h-20h : Free access to the Vésubia Mountain Park swimming pool for registered riders (upon presentation of the invitation, bathing cap and swimsuit required)
14h – 15h30 : Prologue starts by waves of 20 riders every 5 minutes, in descending order of numbers
14h15 – 16h30 : Arrivals in Saint Martin Vésubie
16h – 18h30 : frame plate withdrawal Transv and TRANS 50 – Saint Martin Vésubie
16h00 : Podium, briefing and aperitif at Vésubia Mountain Park
15h30 / 17h30 : Shuttles in rotation Saint Martin – La Colmiane (on reservation 5€)


Sunday – Transvésubienne and Trans 50

6h30 : Transv : Mandatory presence on the starting line – Grid setting
6h30 : e-Transv VTTAE : Battery storage
7h00 : Start Transvésubienne – La Colmiane
7h15 : Griding EBIKE
7h45 : Start e-Transvésubienne by Loisibike – La Colmiane


9h00 – 10h15 : TRANS50 frame plate withdrawal in Levens
10h30 – Trans50 : Mandatory presence in the closed park – Grid setting
11h00 : Start Trans50 – Levens

12h : Estimated arrivals
From 14h : Awards ceremony
From 15h : Departure of the shuttles Nice – Levens (Trans50) – La Colmiane (on reservation 20€, departure once full)
18h30 : End of timing

A bag deposit is at your disposal. Entrust your luggage to the organization at the entrance of the gate (8 kg maximum, backpack type). Write your bib number on the bag beforehand.
E-Bike: Leave your charged and marked spare battery with the UCC Staff 40 minutes before the departure time

2019 movie

My registration

On my own

Alone I go faster

Transvésubienne : 77km / +2350m / -3850m

The classic, Prologue la Colmiane – Saint Martin Vésubie Saturday, Transvésubienne la Colmiane – Nice Sunday
Registration fee : from 70€

e-Transvésubienne by Loisibike : 77km / +2350m / -3850m

The classic, but in the VTTAE category, two batteries authorized to overcome the historic course.
1st battery : 36km +1000m / 2nd battery 31km +1350m

Two classes :

  • E-BIKE 500 : autonomy on the bike less than or equal to 500Wh
  • E-BIKE 500 Plus : autonomy on the superior bike 500Wh

Registration fee : from 70€

TRANS 50 :  38km / +1050m / -1600m

Enjoy a unique and beautiful day of racing on Sunday from Levens, with a specially designed loop for you before joining the Transvésubienne course to Nice.
Registration fee : from 39€

e-TRANS 50 : 38km / +1050m / -1600m

The Trans 50, but in VTTAE, two batteries allowed!
Registration fee : from 39€

With my best ridding mate !

Together we go further

Transv DUO :registration in teams of two on the Transvésubienne or TRANS 50

Two of us are stronger! Support your teammate until the finish line to try to win the DUO. Mutual assistance will be essential because it is the time of the second to cross the finish line that will count for the pair, to which will be added, if any, the “solidarity gap” between the two team members. This new calculation formula will encourage DUOS to stay together until the finish line, for better or for worse 😉 Each rider in the duo will also be individually classified in the overall classification.

Registration fee for the pair : from 139€ (Transvésubienne) and 78€ (TRANS50)

Transv RELAIS : Cut the Transvésubienne in half !

Share the effort between friends by dividing the course ! The first will face the Pic de la Colmiane, the Brec d’Utelle and its descent to Vésubie, the second will reach the sea via the Pont de Cros, Levens, Cima and Mont Chauve ! Two distinct portions on the field to allow pairs with different abilities to use each other’s potential to the maximum.

    • Teammate 1 : La Colmiane / Levens : 46km / +1500m / -2450m
    • Teammate 2 : Levens / Nice :  31km / +850m / -1400m

Logistical simplicity: sleep at La Colmiane, encourage your partner at the start, deliver the car to Levens, hand over the relay and car keys to your colleague who can come and encourage you at the following ravitos and meet you at the finish to share the beer and meal of the hero finishers !

Open in EBIKE category. Registration fee for the pair : from 99€

My registration includes :

  • Participation to the race
  • Live timing with intermediate timing
  • The disposable time chip
  • Food stations
  • Saturday evening aperitif
  • Hot meal and beer on arrival on Sunday
  • The Transvesubienne gift
  • Frame plate and finisher stickers
  • Access to technical assistance stations along the route
  • Prize moneys and awards for scratch and categories winners 
  • Participation in the rescue system


  • Cancellation insurance (no conditions until Monday, May 25th at midnight) : 6€
  • Multisport insurance : 4€/day
  • Shuttle Nice-La Colmiane Saturday morning or Sunday after the race : 20€
  • Shuttle Saint Martin – La Colmiane after the prologue : 5€ (bus taken care of by Saint Martin, only the transport of bicycles is charged)
  • Companion meal on Sunday : 12€
  • Battery rental : 20€ via

Mandatory equipment

a helmet
long gloves
a cell phone
the Transvesubienne guide (distributed with your plate)
some snacks
a water supply – 1.5 l minimum
a survival blanket
a whistle
a windproof jacket
complete number plate with Card Flap and timing bip
a lamp for the tunnel (front or handlebar)

Time limit and disqualification

For your safety, time zones are set beyond which the competitor is no longer allowed to continue the race. After the cut-off time, the plate will be crossed out and a discharge will be filled.


Saturday morning – 8h
Nice, Vauban > La Colmiane, 20€
We strongly recommand you to take this shuttle instead of the after-race one of sunday, so you have your own vehicule available in Nice to leave whenever you feel to after your race, and avoid to lose a long time waiting for the shuttle and spending two hours on the road to get back to your car. 

Sunday afternoon (after the prologue, departure when the shuttles are full)
Saint-Martin Vésubie > La Colmiane, 5€
(bus taken care of by Saint Martin, only the transport of bicycles is charged)

Sunday (after the race, departure when the shuttles are full)
Nice > Levens (Trans50), 20€
Nice > La Colmiane, 20€

Waiting time for these shuttles can be long, adding to that the two hours of driving back to la Colmiane. We suggest that you take saturday morning shuttle and enjoy our bag deposit to get your belongings and clean clothers back to the finish line.

The routes

La Transvésubienne

La Trans 50

Le Prologue


Résultats dimanche 15 mai

Ultra Trans : Ultra Trans 16
Ultra Trans VAE E-Bike serie by Moustache : UltraTrans VAE 16
(Temps intermédiaires du Dimanche : UltraTrans VAE Dimanche 16)
Ultra Trans par Equipe : UltraTrans Equipe 16

Trans 50 : Trans 50 16
Trans 50 VAE : Trans 50 VAE 16

Résultats samedi 14 mai

TransEnduro : TransEnduro 16
Dame : Dames Transv16
E-Bike serie by Moustache : E-bike Transv16
Scratch : Scratch Transv16



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