Live the event from inside !

You want to make yourself useful while having a good time, meet people and participate in the dynamism of your region?

We propose you to join the UCC team, for a week, a weekend, a day, or a few hours, to take part in the organization of our events.

The missions of the Volunteers:

  • Reception / registration : first contact with the participants, you will be in charge of the administrative control and the good distribution of the numbers
  • Signaller : You are on the course, in contact with the participants: you show them the way and ensure their safety. You are a reassuring and encouraging presence for the participants, who, even in the midst of their efforts, will be able to tell you that.
  • Refreshment : You will set up and run the refreshment stations on the course or at the finish line. It is a very friendly place and conducive to exchange with participants and other team members!
  • Opener / bike or motorcycle sweeper : you want to be useful while practicing your passion? You will open the course to ensure the good condition of the markings and the trail, and will intervene if necessary. Or you will follow the last ones in order to clear and collect eventual waste left by the participants in order to leave a preserved nature to the next users.

As an active member of the organization team, each volunteer will receive a thank you pack (t-shirt, accessories… variable according to the events)


Each UCC event requires many volunteers. Join the UCC staff, be part of the event and contribute to its success !

UCC Volunteer Form

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