I’m really happy to be alive and in one piece after such a crazy race.

The Mega is synonymous with fear, excitement, suffering, blood flowing, strategy, joy, happiness when you pass the finish line, winner or not.

This race is unique, this race is magic, this race is huge !

For me, it’s been a big crush since a long time now and today I’m finally on the podium with a 3rd place, YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

photo Mega Dimanche Cyril Charpin (9)

I’m really happy that this race exists to make us experiment this kind of feeling, a race where respect of others is the most important, a race where we feel very little in front mother nature, a race that put us back, as simple human looking for pushing our limits.

Big congrats to Remy 1st, Thomas 2nd, Théo 4th, Alex 5th and all the others 2000 crazy guys.

Thanks Mega’s crew !


photo Mega Dimanche Cyril Charpin (11)