It is now less than a month to go before the 23rd edition of the worldwide famous Mégavalanche – Alpe d’Huez. We have contacted for you several pro-riders to know how they feel before this event, and we asked them for some advices and also about their own fears for this crazy race::

After Rémy Absalon, Yoann Barelli, Alex et Denny Lupato, Guillaume Heinrich – (see here:,  François Bailly Maître, Josh Bryceland, Cédric & Cécile Ravanel , Damien OTON gives you a few advices 


What do you like about MTB ?

François BM : Adrenalin, speed and being outside in amazing landscapes.

Josh Bryceland : I would go crazy if i didnt have a release like this, whenever i feel down, get on a bike and feel amazing afterwards.

Cécile Ravanel : The outdoors, giving a freedom feeling, the speed and technical engagement

Cédric Ravanel: La possibilité de découvrir des paysages unique mais aussi le fait de pouvoir se surpasser lorsque tu es au départ d’une course comme la Mega.

Damien OTON : J’aime rouler tout simplement, ça me rend heureux! Tu partages des supers moments avec tes potes, et n’importe où c’est toujours le pied! 


Cédric Ravanel

Where are your favorite spots to ride your MTB ?

François BM : High mountains and single tracks 

Josh Bryceland : in the hills behind my house is just so comfortable, but i get to ride some of the best stuff in the world and can appreciate the qualitys of all types of terrain !

Cécile Ravanel : I like Andorra and Vallnord Bike Park, for its hearth and steep. I also like the south of Frace for the dry grounds, and i love to discover new spot.

Cédric Ravanel: Ski resort in general are good spot to ride in summer, such as Vallnord that we now know well, and now Alpe d’Huez with the MEGA

Damien OTON : South of France, because we have a lots of good trails and the weather it’s always sunny! I love to ride in B.C as well, people are really involved for MTB, and the trails are amazing.

François Bailly Maître

What’s your best (or worst !) anecdote on the Méga ?

François BM : Last year, when i did a good climbing and the other riders let me pass them, i found it very fairplay and i’m proud to be part of the enduro family!

Josh Bryceland : Im just picturing the scene when that crazy music starts at the top of the mountain !!!! nervers and yelling its gonna be amazing.

Cécile Ravanel : Just give an eye to my on-board cam of last year, it made laught a lot of people !

Cédric Ravanel: Ha the best was for sure when i had to poop 15mn before the start on the glacier, where you can hardly find a spot hidden from the views of the others! Second will be 2 years ago when i hurt my leg, I had to fix it with my socks and tape to avoid putting blood everywhere on the glacier! 

Damien OTON : I will say to have never finished the glacier with my bike in one piece for my first 3 years! Only last year I cross the finish line, he took me 4 years 😉

Damien OTON en hole-shot des qualifs en 2016

How do you feel just before the start, on the glacier ? Are you afraid ? 😉

François BM : Of course i’m affraid, but I can’t wait to compete! 😉

Josh Bryceland : Im just picturing the scene when that crazy music starts at the top of the mountain !!!! nervers and yelling its gonna be amazing.

Cécile Ravanel : I’m already afraid one week before ! But 5mn ride before the start, I just can’t wait to race !

Cédric Ravanel: If we come to the Mega, it’s especially for this fear feeling right before the start, but once the tape is up, it’s just happiness! I mean,… if you reach the finish line alive! 😉

Damien OTON : I shit in my pants, like everyone! This race is truly unique, you have 300 riders behind you and everyone want to get down first… So it’s stressful but I like that.

Josh Bryceland

Do you have any tips for the guys racing the Mega for the first time this year ?

François BM : Take it easy, Mega is real MTB, long and strong! Better come prepared!

Josh Bryceland : this will be my first time also so a big learning curve for me. I think making sure the bike lasts all the way down is important for me cos i can be a ruff ryda !!!

Cécile Ravanel : Handle the Glacier

Cédric Ravanel: Take your time to reco the first part on the glacier, because there is a lot of various tracks and some of them can be treatous. Go there early in the morning when the snow is hard! It’s easier

Damien OTON : Ask Remy Absalon he won 11 times… 😉 He will be a betterteacher than me 😉

 What do you prefer on the Mega ?

François BM :C’est un tout, une grosse semaine de bike, sur des trails cool, l’ambiance déglingo au sommet du glacier, la pression qu’on a au départ et la longueur de la course ! C’est tellement bon de pouvoir faire une course sur 2300 m de déniv et 40 min

Cécile Ravanel : The atmosphere during the week, we meet the other riders, all sharing the same fear for the glacier, but trying to ride it as fast as possible, it’s crazy!

Cédric Ravanel: Being able to ride the days before with the other riders and racing each other. And we do not find so long downhill anywhere, so it’s fun and also a good training for the season! 

Damien OTON: To be honest, the moment when you finish the glacier in one piece, at this moment you can focus on the race.

From your point of view, what makes the success of the Méga ?

François BM : Un décor incroyable, un trail de qualité et la légende ! Le fait d’associer le ride sur la neige et la terre est vraiment cool.

Josh Bryceland :  just the craziness of the event seems to draw people in, bucket list for all mountainbikers.. a must do !

Cécile Ravanel : The images that we get after the race, the glcier, the rocks garden, the length of the downhill and of course the Mass Start!

Cédric Ravanel: Une longue descente, un passage unique sur le glacier, des profiles de sentiers aussi variés que plaisants à rouler et plusieurs jours de rides font que l’épreuve est pour moi un succès.

Damien OTON:  I think, the glacier, because that make the race unlike any other. You never know what will happen. And is the longest descend in the world.

So what’s next ? When do you register for the Maxiavalanche ?

François BM : J’aimerais bien pouvoir faire plus de Maxi car j’apprécie vraiment le concept. Mais le calendrier est déjà ultra chargé et on ne peut pas tout faire. L’année prochaine peut-être !!!

Cécile Ravanel : I’ll be in Vallnord 

Cédric Ravanel: I don’t know you are always the one registering me 😉 I can juste tell you that for my first MEGA Max Commencal was pushing me to do it, know i just ask for that!

Damien OTON : I’ll be in Andorra next week end. One of my favorite race of the year, the track is sick and it’s close to my place

+ d’info sur les maxi


Stay tuned for more interviews to come ! A lot of crazy good riders will be attending this  Mégavalanche 2017 !