Alpe d’Huez from 27 June to 3 july 2022


For those who would still ignore it, the Megavalanche Alpe d’Huez is one of the most famous and not-to-be missed ENDURO MASS-START race.

Since 1995, each year, thousands of riders take the departure from the famous “Pic Blanc” ;  in every weather condition !  Its Mass Start at 3330 meters high on the glacier and its finish line in Allemont, 2600 meters down, makes this ENDURO MASS-START race the longest and craziest race in the world !
In addition to this race will be held the MEGA KID, especially for children. Electric Bike riders will also be pleased with a dedicated start and ranking!
So? Are you ready to compete the famous MEGAVALANCHE?


Beginning of the MEGAVALANCHE 9 days liftpass
Withdrawal at the lift cashier

MEGAVALANCHE free practice on all tracks
8.30am-12:00am / 2:30pm – 6pm : Expo Village. MEGAVALANCHE Frame plate withdrawal and lift pass collect – Place du Cognet – Alpe d’Huez
9:30am – 5:30pm: MEGA 10 000 record : elevation drop challenge – free participation with the MEGA frame plate
4 to 5pm : seeding runs Dual Slalom (32 best riders will be selected) – Eclose
5 to 6:30pm : Dual Slalom
18h45 : Aperitif and award ceremony Dual Slalom – Eclose

MEGAVALANCHE free training on all tracks
7h30 : girl social ride – meeting DMC
8.00am-12:00am / 2:30pm – 7pm
: Frame plate withdrawal and lift pass collect – Place du Cognet – Alpe d’Huez
9am – 10am : SPEED BIKE : speed record on the glacier, registration mandatory
9am – 6pm : Expo Village – Alpe d’Huez
9:30am – 5:30pm: MEGA 10 000 record : elevation drop challenge – free participation with the MEGA frame plate
2:00 – 4:30pm : Chainless Race – DMC 2100, free participation with mega frame plate
6pm : Chainless Race & Speed bike awards ceremony
6.00 pm : Megavalanche Reunion Island Aperitif – Expo Village and award ceremony 10 000 RECORD


Routes & meeting points

Friday : seeding runs & MEGA KIDS

MEGA KID by Commencal : 

9h30 : 1st run MEGA KID by Commencal Minimes & BenjaminsDMC 2700
9h50 : 1st run MEGA KID by Commencal Poussins & Pupilles – DMC 2100

13h45 : 2nd run MEGA KID by Commencal Minimes & BenjaminsDMC 2700
14h00 : 2nd run MEGA KID by Commencal Poussins & Pupilles – DMC 2100

MEGAVALANCHE Seeding Runs : 

Start from Dôme des Rousses (2810m) – Finish in Huez (1500m)
From Alpe d’Huez : Access compulsory DMC Grandes Rousses up to 2100m, follow track n°11, and take the gondola Dôme des Rousses (2nd part) : 45min. to 1 hour. Lift pass compulsory.
Line-up on the start lines 20 minutes before the start.

10.30am Wave 1 n° 1 à 150
10.45am Wave 2 n° 201 à 350
11:00am Wave 3 n° 401 à 550
11.15am Wave 4 n° 601 à 750
11.30am Wave 5 n° 801 à 950
11.45am Wave 6 n° 1001 à 1150
12.00am Wave 7 n° 1201 à 1350
12.15am Wave 8 n° 1401 à 1550
12.30pm Wave 9 n° 1601 à 1750
12.45pm Wave 10 n° 1801 à 1950
13.00pm Wave  11Ladies n° 2001 à 2099
13.15pm Wave 11e-bike n° 2201 à 2280

From 10.30am : Buffet on arrival at Alpe d’Huez, Place du Cognet
From 6.00pm : Apero CHAIN REACTION / LIVE MUSIC 
Results of the seeding runs & Sticker collect for all participant including MEGA Affinity, except row A.

6:15pm : MEGA KID awards ceremony and line A top riders presentation


9.00am : Start E-Mega
9.15am : Start MEGA LADIES
9.30am : Start MEGA CHALLENGER from 36th to 70th of each qualification wave
9.45am : MEGA AFFINITY 1 from 95th to 130th of each qualification wave
10.30am : Glacier closing
10am – 1pm : Finish in Allemond – meal offered by Allemond & Alpe d’Huez.
From 6.00pm : Apero and MEGA REUNION TRIP raffle draw 

Sunday : MEGAVALANCHE & Mega Amateurs

09.00 am : MEGAVALANCHE from 1st to 35th of each qualification wave
09.30 am : MEGA AMATEURS from 71th to 94th of each qualification wave
10.00 am : MEGA TRAIL (trail runners)

10.30am : Glacier closing
10.30am – 1pm : Finish in Allemond – Picnic offered by Allemond & Alpe d’Huez.
11.30am : Award Ceremony in Allemond.

My registration

The Megavalanche frame plate and number
Disposable timing chip
Live timing, results and diploma
The liftpass
Assistance area
Liquid and food station on friday
Aperitif drink thursday and friday
Lunch saturday or sunday at the finish


From :
 with 9/8 days liftpass
with 7/6/5 days liftpass
with 4 days liftpass

with 4 days liftpass
*Early birds rates, registration fees not included (+2.49%) 


Included in the registration :
Chainless Race & Dual Slalom

Companion liftpass : 59€ 4 days / 7 days 75€ / 9 days 85€
Cancellation insurance (9€)
Multisport insurance (6€/day)
Megavalanche Jersey  (39€)
Megavalanche T-shirt (19€)
Megavalanche Sweat Shirt  (39€)
Megavalanche cap (15€)

E-Mega by LoisiBike


Prologue friday  : Seeding Run from Dôme des Rousses
Race saturday : Mass-Start from the glacier on the classic MEGA track
Same rates and conditions as the classic Mega

Mega Kid

For the 7 – 14 years old

Rate  from 55€ with 4 days liftpass

Benjamins & Minimes : Start DMC 2700
Poussins & Pupilles : Start between DMC 2700 & 2100


Let’s burn some break pads !


Will you be able to ride down 10 000m of elevation drop in less than 2 days in Alpe d’Huez?! 🙂

Take the challenge from the Dôme des Rousses (seeding runs start) wednesday and thursday and ride as fast as you can to Alpe d’Huez or Allemond and go back up using the brand new Eau Dolle Express lift, taking you directly from Allemond to Oz !
Free participation with your MEGA race plate, elevation loss will be counted thanks to your timing chip at the start at the Dôme des Rousses and at the finish of your choice : Alpe d’Huez (finish of seeding runs) or Allemond (finish of the MEGA race)

Dôme des Rousses – Alpe d’Huez : 
– 930m 
Dôme des Rousses – Allemond :
The fisrt 100 riders to achieve the 10 000m of elevation drop will earn a collector T-shirt ! And all the riders will be able to collect their “10 000 record” diploma on the result website !



How to fly to Alpe d’Huez ?

The nearest airport is Grenoble, but the biggest nearest airport is Geneva in switzerland. We do not organize specific shuttle from any airports, the easiest is to rent a car there

Where should i stay / book my accomodation? 

In the resort, next to the expo village :  Alpe d’Huez 

In the valley, next to the finish line and the lift :  Allemond

Where can i park my campervan / set up my tent?

There is no official camping site in Alpe d’Huez but a specific area is exceptionnaly authorized for the duration of the Mega Week under the DMC gondola.


What happens to me if I do not “qualified”?

Everybody gets qualified for the race after the seeding runs, you will all race from the glacier, whether saturday OR sunday, in the level group in which you’ve been qualified friday
MEGAVALANCHE group (sunday) : the 350 bests riders (from 1st to 35th of each qualification wave)
CHALLENGERS group (saturday) : from 36th to 70th of each qualification wave
AMATEURS group (sunday) : from 71st to 94th of each qualification wave
AFFINITY group (saturday, individual start) : from the 95th to 130th of each qualification wave
Ladies and e-bikes have their specific start saturday morning
Read the full rules here

Practical information

Where to wash the bike ?
At the DMC Gondola start – Roundabout des Pistes in Alpe d’Huez

Where to collect your lift Pass ?
9, 8, 7 or 6 days Pass : At the lift cashier (Alpe d’Huez)
Wednesday or Thursay/Sunday : At the Race Office Sport Center Alpe d’Huez. Bring back your lift pass at the end of the week to the lift cashier (Alpe d’Huez or Oz) to get your 2 € deposit refund.

Where to collect your race number ?

At the Race Office situated (time to be found on the program)

Where to get rescue service from Wednesday to Saturday ?

At the DMC Gondola start, roundabout des Pistes in Alpe d’Huez

Where can my cheerleading team can see me?

Friday :
At the resort before the finish in Alpe d’Huez

Saturday & Sunday ?
Under the DMC  2100m: 9.15am
In the “fountaine de Poutran” uphill
When they cross the “Village de Sardone”: 9.20am
At the arrival in Allemont, from: 9.50am

Where to collect your clothes left on departure area ?

For Friday races: expo village
For the Mega Saturday & Sunday: Arrival in Allemont
Forgoten clothes will be stored in the Tourism Office for one week after the event, past this date you won’t be able to get them back
Do not leave any value item. The organization is not responsible in case of any problems and theft


1995 : François DOLA 1996 : Fabrice TAILLEFER 1997 : Fabrice TAILLEFER 1998 : Samuel PERIDY 1999 : François DOLA 2000 : Alex BALAUD 2001 : René WILDHABER 2002 : René WILDHABER 2003 : René WILDHABER 2004 : René WILDHABER 2005 : Jérôme CLEMENTZ 2006 : Nicolas VOUILLOZ 2007 : René WILDHABER 2008 : René WILDHABER 2009 : Rémy ABSALON 2010 : Jérôme CLEMENTZ 2011 : Rémy ABSALON 2012 : Rémy ABSALON 2013 : Jérôme CLEMENTZ